TSMonitor captures, analyses and monitors data transport and signaling content across your network in real time with live displays of content and statistics. It provides alerts to highlight loss or degradation of traffic. It stores all traffic received for up to a month, providing support for issue tracing and root cause analysis. It can also analyse PCAPs recorded from off-site locations for remote fault diagnosis.

Capture Types

  • Live TCP/IP Ethernet traffic
  • PCAP files
  • DSG Telemetry monitor

Supported Traffic Formats

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream, with or without PAT.
  • DSG Application and Broadcast Tunnel
  • DSM-CC Object Carousel
  • DSM-CC Data Carousel in either MPEG-2 or DigiCipher II (ETV) format
  • Common Download CVT and OCAP XAIT tables
  • SCTE-65 Channel Information tables 
  • Emergency Alert tables


  • Bit Rate analysis
  • Transport Packet and Datagram repetition rates and continuity error statistics
  • MPEG-2 Program analysis to locate carousel and signaling data
  • Table analysis and extraction
  • File system content extraction
  • File repetition rates and reconstruction error statistics 

User Facilities

  • User accounts with admin or observer privileges
  • View current traffic statistics
  • View current content and signaling
  • Review historic data and signaling
  • Email alerts on error conditions