TSBroadcaster 5 is the next generation of the S&T TSBroadcaster product line.

.Providing data transport and signalling in cable headends, TSBroadcaster 5 introduces important new features to provide enhanced security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to S&T customers.


  • Upgraded from Oracle Java 8 to OpenJDK 11, providing industry support until 2023
  • Spring security for application lock-down and enhanced password protection
  • Provides option for running with HTTPS over TLS for additional security
  • Enhanced user privileges and management, including read-only system access
  • User access can be mediated  via Centrify/LDAP
  • Reviewed against OWASP criteria for system protection

User Support

  • Comprehensive single home page system status display with drill down to system components
  • Provides unified contextual notification system
  • Provides improved navigation, search facility and sorting/filtering of tabular data
  • Provides responsive real-time update of all system data
  • Provides enhanced peer management support for failover, maintenance and file system checking
  • Single screen network monitoring to view peers and other local TSBroadcasters
  • Provides user notification of issues via email

Systems Integration

  • Logging and alerting to monitoring systems including Nagios and Splunk
  • Integration with Centrify/LDAP
  • REST APIs provided for all functions
  • Deployment via OVA and Docker


  • Scripting of update activities
  • Scheduled and on-demand backups of local and remote task, platform and TSPlayer data
  • Provisioning and restoration of new and existing servers
  • Peer checking and synchronization

Capabilities and Performance

Maximum Transport Streams:12
Maximum Services per Transport Stream:10
Maximum DSM-CC Carousels per Transport Stream:20
Maximum Transport Stream bit rate:50 Mbps
Maximum number of applications:50
Maximum application size:100 MB
Maximum application file size:5 MB
Maximum SSU download image size:200 MB
Maximum number of SSU download images:20