TSBroadcaster is an advanced delivery system for cable television applications and data, providing cost-effective application signaling and play-out and data delivery. It is built to withstand the rigours of mission-critical operation, providing control and monitoring via a web-based UI, Java, REST APIs and SNMP. 

TSBroadcaster’s functionality provides operators the means to develop, test, play out and manage content across the enterprise, and has been serving content to millions of customers for over a decade with unmatched inherent reliability.

TSBroadcaster for Cable provides full support for OCAP, CDL, ETV and Data broadcast, and also provides essential interfaces to interwork with head end equipment, as well as direct delivery via Transport Stream and DOCSIS tunnels.


  • Generation of MPEG-2 Multi-Program Transport Streams containing application content in DSM-CC carousels.
  • Delivery of XAIT to head end equipment or through DOCSIS tunnel.
  • Scheduling and control of application playout and lifecycle.
  • Responsive application content update via the UI or API. 
  • Support for CDL software download to provide firmware upgrades over the air to receiver populations.
  • Delivery of CVT to head end equipment or through DOCSIS tunnel.
  • Import, generation and delivery of SCTE-65 channel map data.
  • Import and delivery of EAS audio messaging.
  • Supplied as software ready to install on a qualified Linux server or VM, or as a pre-installed product on a server
  • Available as a stand-alone unit or installed in dual-redundant configuration for rapid automatic or manual failover.
  • Configured, controlled and monitored through a zero-install standard Internet browser interface requiring no plug-ins.
  • Available with UDP, ASI or RF Transport Stream output.

Capacity and Performance

Maximum Transport Streams:12
Maximum Services per Transport Stream:10
Maximum DSM-CC Carousels per Transport Stream:20
Maximum Transport Stream bit rate:50 Mbps
Maximum number of applications:50
Maximum application size:100 MB
Maximum application file size:5 MB
Maximum SSU download image size:200 MB
Maximum number of SSU download images:20

Third party integration

TSBroadcaster provides fully featured Java and HTTP APIs for control and monitoring. TSBroadcaster can also be integrated with third party management systems to provide automated file and application updates.

Security and Management

TSBroadcaster 4 provides the following management features:

  • Password-protected user accounts for control of access to selected areas of system functions.
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP poll and trap mechanisms.
  • Display of current signaling contents, carousel contents and bit rate usage.
  • Display of server configuration, memory usage and availability.
  • Display and download of daily application and server level logs for any given time within the log archive retention period.