SoftOC is a suite of software tools for generating, playing and analysing MPEG-2 Transport Stream content.

It can be configured via a simple XML configuration file for test and lab usage.

SoftOC supports the following content types:

  • MPEG-2 Transport Streams with service (PAT, PMT) ) and network (BAT, NIT) tables
  • DSM-CC Object and Data carousels.
  • HbbTV AIT signaling
  • SSU download
  • EN 300/468 tables for EIT
  • Generic free-form table definition

SoftOC provides a playout module to generate real-time feeds of MPEG-2 Transport Streams over UDP.

SoftOC provides an analysis module to decode MPEG-2 Transport Stream content

The UDP output can be played out to an ASI  interface or RF modulator, or it may be captured using tcpdump and replayed as a reproducible test resource.