RedKey™ is our software receiver engine, adding MHEG-5 functionality to digital television receivers. It is cost-effective and can be used in just about any digital television receiver, be that set-top boxes or integrated digital televisions. The basic version needs only a small memory footprint (typically 700Kbytes of Flash and 4Mbytes of DRAM for UK SD Freeview profile MHEG-5).

The engine is written in ANSI C and is portable across a number of different processor types and host operating systems. It is the result of over 10 years of continual development and stabilisation. The engine’s design emphasises efficiency of resource usage and minimum platform interaction to simplify integration with various middleware designs.

The product is delivered as object code, compiled to the customer’s specification, with a fully documented API for the customer to implement in order to integrate the engine with their DVB middleware stack. A set of API test applications is also available to ease the integration process, and our engineers are always available to help you understand the requirements of the platform!

Combining the benefits of portability, performance and quality with a reduced time to market, RedKey™ has been installed in more than 15 million units so far, with that number growing rapidly.