ATSC 3.0 introduces a new suite of standards adopting DASH and internet technologies.

ATSC 3.0 Overview

The American Television Standards Committee has released a suite of standards defining an ATSC3.0 digital television system. The DASH and Internet based technologies adopted for the ATSC 3.0 system represent a radical break from the MPEG-2 based ATSC 1.0 standard in order to provide a technological leap forward.

Improvements over ATSC 1.0 delivered by the ATSC 3.0 system include:

  • Support for HD and 4K UHD video resolutions over the air
  • Immersive audio including Dolby AC-4
  • Higher bandwidth in a 6Mhz slot offering more and/or higher quality services
  • COFDM modulation giving better coverage for built-up areas and mobile receivers
  • Advanced Emergency Alerting
  • Delivery of Non-Real Time (NRT) file-based content alongside AV to provide targeted advertising and other enhanced viewing experiences
  • Integration with Internet-based AV, file and application delivery to provide an enhanced range of services to the viewer 

S&T provides a range of products that support generation and monitoring of ATSC3.0 content for test, trials and production environments: