ATMonitor reads an ATSC 3.0 broadcast stream in real time and provides information about the content and quality of the feed. It may be deployed pre-broadcast, where it can be used to monitor the quality of the broadcast stream prior to transmission, or post-broadcast, where it can be used to monitor a demodulated signal for quality.

ATMonitor inspects the Low Level Signaling (LLS), Service Level Signaling (SLS) and content of the broadcast stream, and provides the following diagnostic information:

  • Real time bit rate analysis
  • Real time signaling analysis
  • Repetition rate statistics gathering
  • Presentation of AV content
  • Capture of signaling and content files for archiving and analysis
  • Reporting of errors and non-compliances

ATMonitor works off UDP input and 

ATMonitor provides a browser-based UI and web interfaces – a typical ATMonitor screen is shown here: